Our Mission


Our Mission

“Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it…” -Frantz Fanon-

Frantz Fanon

At Rainbow Leaders, we believe that the mission of this generation is to do all we can to reduce unemployment, poverty and inequality. We have the responsibility to build upon the great achievements of principled leaders who had a vision of a prosperous Rainbow democracy, where people would be respected, where we would all have job opportunities and the necessary skills to capitalise on them.

In a world awash with hate, vengeance and brutal competition, there is a need for the radical generation of compassionate and principled people” – Farouk Araie

Our online platforms are aimed at reawakening that vision of a unified, prosperous nation and calling you to action as we work together to get back to the optimism, vision and energy of the Mandela years.

Any individual or organisation that shares these values can join Rainbow Leaders as a Donor, Volunteer or as part of our Brand Affiliation programs. Or you can show your support for Rainbow Leaders by purchasing branded merchandise, with the profits being donated to worthy causes.