Our Partners


Our Partners

Rainbow Leaders is affiliated with a number of organisations to ensure donations are spread out and have a positive impact. By spreading donations to other organizations, this is optimizing the goodwill of your donations and ultimately making a larger impact.

Our Partners include:

Educo Africa- Educo Africa is a youth development organisation. The first phase of the programme uses wilderness experiential learning as a profound platform for young people to experience their inherent potential. The second phase is a youth movement supporting young people in living their potential, with a specific focus on social and environmental wellbeing.These mentioned organizations receive your generous donations via means of channeled funding from Rainbow Leaders that will contribute to what we aim to achieve. Websitewww.educo.org.za

Seriti Institute- Seriti Institute strengthens community organisation for social health and local economic development. It uses large scale participatory methods, and in its systemic interventions forges partnerships involving communities, government departments, non-governmental organisations, civil society and business.                                                                Website- www.seriti.org.za