What You Can Do

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What You Can Do

It is not acceptable to talk of a better future and do nothing, or to blame others for the slow progress we have made since 1994, whilst not doing your best to build the brighter future that we all envisaged. Rainbow Leaders asks you to turn these Rainbow values into action by working for change in your community, or by supporting organisations that are already working to bring about these changes.

  • If you have little time, but can spare some money, please join Rainbow Leaders as a donor by donating online now, so that we can direct your valuable contribution towards organisations effecting socio-economic change. If you are working overseas, your Sterling, Euros or Dollars will make a huge difference as we work to make South Africa a better place for you to return to one day.
  • If you represent a company, you can enquire about Rainbow Leaders’ Brand Affiliation opportunities, which will allow your organisation to send a signal to your customers that you do not support nor judge any political party, but rather support a value system. Remember that the vast majority of your customers have a healthy value system and are fed-up with corruption and the slow pace of economic growth and job creation. Joint branding with Rainbow Leaders is a simple and clear way of communicating this.
  • In the unlikely event that you have no time and no money, you can still join Rainbow Leaders in spirit and in deed. Apartheid worked hard to keep us apart, as the architects knew that respect and empathy occur on a personal level. How about a friendly greeting for the gardener? Why not offer a gap to that taxi driver, as he struggles to make a daily living? Perhaps a cup of tea for a colleague? You know you have so much more to offer in terms of building bridges through your warmth and kindness. Don’t hide it away! A kind smile and some appreciation can make someone’s day – and it is infectious. We have a long way to go in undoing the damage that apartheid’s ethnical segregation imposed on us. Do your bit!


All donations are kindly appreciated. Please click here to donate.