Welcome to Rainbow Leaders

Welcome to Rainbow Leaders 

Rainbow Leaders is a values based organization with a focus on community development projects. Please navigate your way through the site to read about our mission, our partners and how to get involved!

Rainbow Leaders is a non-profit organisation aimed at unifying South Africans around the values that most of us hold dear, regardless of our background, ethnicity or religion. These are the human values which Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Steve Biko and many others espoused – integrity, empathy, optimism, courage and determination.

If we all focus more on these simple values, and turn them into daily action, we will bridge the gap which is allowing some leaders to divide us for their own gain. And we shall reduce unemployment, poverty and inequality by growing the opportunities for work and education which should be open to all who seek them, regardless of their background.

We should recognise that there are many honest, hardworking people within each of the political parties, and every government department. There are good communists and good capitalists. There are good business people, and good labour union leaders.

We cannot let the yellow, red, blue, black or green parties to further divide or polarise us around their doctrines.